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We release your music to all known portals and streamingservices,
we also promote your music, even if you haven't released with us.

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You want to record your music, but don't have a studio? we have a studio available or are looking for one near you!

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Can you hear your music on a terrace, in a restaurant or at a company?
We also send your music to the distributors of music computers worldwide!

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7 Labels To Choose From !

We have 7 labels to choose from, each with their own music genres.

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We can also arrange your performances for you, so that you are in order with the authorities.

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Under Constructions

Due a hacking at our previous server we transfered the domainname to a new hostingcompany (site.nl)

Because we only transfered the domainname (to be safe) we have to build up the website from the start again.
This takes a while, for every website that was hosted at that server (a lot sites).

We scanned all files several times, with 3 different virusscanners, malewarescanner and spyware scanner:
Result: ALL our files, pictures, music, video’s, etc. are safe

We toke that messure to be shore the hacker can not reach the new server or files again, we changed our passwords.
For you or your subscriptions they are SAFE, because that is hosted at an additional service providers, not at our hosts !
Your info at our newslist is SAFE also, because of the additional service from SendinBlue, where our newsletters are hosted.

So sorry if not all info is available yet, but we work hard to get everything up online agan as soon as possible !

We promote your music at more than 40,000 Radiostations Worldwide !

  • Dutch / Nederlandstalig to: “All” Radiostations & “All” Media Houses of Newspapers, Magazines, Tabloids, Advertising Magazines
    – In The Netherlands and Belgium
  • German / Deutsch to: “All” Radiostations & “All” Media Houses of Newspapers, Magazines, Tabloids, Advertising Magazines
    – In Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Belgium
  • English, French, Other Languages: To the complete list of Radiostations & “All” Media Houses of Newspapers, Magazines, Tabloids, Advertising Magazines that we know Worldwide
  • All languages songs we also send to a list of Music-Computer-Systems for Companies & Horeca (Bars, Restraurants, Bistro’s, Hotels, Etc.)
    – Worldwide & Also to and also to a whole list of music distributors, which in turn distribute your music to Radio stations, etc. that are affiliated with them (such as: iHeart Radio, which operates more than 25,000 radio stations worldwide (60% of which in America); Some other distributors to radio stations on the air or to online radio stations and also to DAB+ Radio stations, but also to TV stations worldwide !

Music Streaming Services

We deliver your music to all well-known portals and streaming services worldwide.* Including those listed below, these are also listed with each release under the CD cover with the corresponding link or in the fan link.
* all portals and streaming services worldwide that are affiliated with our distributor BOEP.


* Dance Music Only

Experienced Artist or New Talent and Looking for a (new) Record Label Company?

Then you are on the right address !
We are always searching for new artists, dj’s, acts, groups, bands, etc.
Send us your demo or your song(s) to info@s-records.com
(we prefer by or)

we have 7 labels to choose from, each with their own music genre… to get closer to your target audience!
But everything is controlled by the main label: S-Records

Our Labels are:

But All sites are under constructions (as we told) accept: Limbo-Power, this website is completely online
and S-Bookings is also online (but under constructions)
We shall give you an update about the working websites and completed websites.

Our apologies for this inconvenience and inconvenience you are experiencing as a result.
but we are still fully accessible via the contact options listed on this website! (data remains the same, email links too)

We hope that you will enjoy the music from our artists.

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